Spotlight: Eyewear Clothing

Eyewear Clothing


Established in 2010 by Tommy P, who is a native of Harlem, New York, with a vision to bring his passion for art & design to the fashion world of New York. His start came as a surprise and was founded simply from wanting to wear a shirt for himself that was different from what was currently available. Add the image of an eye, bone, and chicks, and you have the start of Eyewear Clothing. Eyewear can be found on the runways of fashions shows, the pages of magazines, and on the backs of INVADERS across New York. 


It’s edgy, fun, and futuristic; that’s what Eyewear clothing brings to you. In a very unique way the traditional “what Eye do” Tshirts express a saying without using any words. These trendy pictorial tees express an idea or lifestyle the consumer represents. Eyewear Clothing prides itself on providing the newest and trendiest graphic wear to the world. We give INVADERS (supporters, and customers of the brand) a fresh and unique way to express individuality.  Eyewear clothing is a brand made of high-end and luxury sportswear. The brand offers a variety of t-shirts, outer wear and accessories. All Eyewear products are produced in very limited quantities. Eyewear has branched out from its original stomping ground of Harlem and has quickly become a popular name “If it aint Eyewear, I don’t see it!”

Can Eye-Wear? Yup! Pick up and check out new piece at Eyewear. It’s exclusive, it’s new, its different its EYEWEAR CLOTHING!

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