Now or Never

I just happened to come across this song and video, while I actually like the song and video it made me think about something. There’s a line in the song that goes “didn’t even get to tell you how I really feel, damn why it had to be too late to tell you the deal.” We hear all the time that life is too short, that we should live each moment likes it’s the last, well listening to words merge with the concept behind this video definitely reignited my spark. That spark that lives in each of us; to tell others how we feel, try things we’ve always imagined, to simply do things that make us happy. Don’t let the days pass you by without doing such, express yourself, try new things, and make yourself happy. 
The song is titled Now or Never, preformed by an up and coming artist Mali Smilez and the video was shot by Jimmy Blanco. The song has a good sound and the lyrics to complement. When you first listen, it sounds like it could be a break up song, but shortly there after it’s revealed that it’s not. Someone’s gone and isn’t coming back, as the song continues you’re drawn in and you relate to it, through love and loss. The video I think captures the words of the song perfectly, its shows two people, whether a couple or just friends the bond they shared. Now that one is gone, how we tend to look back and hold onto the memories. I also personally just like the look of this video, it has that old school, early days of hip hop look and feel, truth be told you can’t go wrong there. But to find out and know that the video was shot by an amateur videographer; shows the potential in both the artist and man behind the camera. 
To check out other music by Mali Smilez, visit her page here.
To see other videos by Jimmy Blanco, visit his Youtube page here.

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