Defined as easily persuaded to believe something; credulous.

So in lite of the events of this past summer I want to be deemed gullible in my process and naive in my thinking.

There’s been the Zimmerman verdict, Stop & Frisk, countless number of black on black gun violence incidents, the 50th Anniversary of a Dream, and a black President. We’ve held discussions on the strength of the N word, refuted notions in areas in which blacks can do better, and had a movie about a Black White House Butler.

Perfect society I think not, ignorant to think so yes, but are we capable of achieving it, very much so. It’s about how we go forward, what efforts will we make to say tomorrow will be different, tomorrow will be better.

I haven’t yet met comfort in terms of success, but I’ve been successful. Treated with respect, dignity, and given opportunities.

Martin was gullible, Randolph was gullible, Lincoln was gullible, T. Washington was gullible, Obama is gullible. I am gullible. We believe that America is capable.

If I as a black man in America isn’t gullible to think there’s still a chance who will be?


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