Being Single

love-life Some people will look at being single as something that’s just really easy. I mean it’s not DIFFICULT, but I would honestly at this point prefer the other side of the pillow. Damn RIGHT I said it. I’m comfortable in my skin, comfortable being who I am and while I’ve never been the one to settle in a relationship just to say Yes, I’m in one. So overall I’m comfortable with being single over the sake of being in a useless and pointless relationship.

But even with that being single, it isn’t the easiest thing neither. Living in a city of millions, with hundreds of thousands of women that are eligible. It does become hard sometimes to weed through all the bullshit and not simply settle for what looks like gold.

You meet someone that seems to match up to all the qualities that you normally would be attracted too. You have single whispering in your ear, she’s the one. But that’s not necessarily the case, she’s fools’ gold. She’s not there for future sacrifice, she’s not there for further support, she more about going out, spending your money than helping you save it. She’s into playing games, it’s simply like this, SHE’S NOT REALLY THERE FOR YOU.


I can admit I get lonely from time to time; what I miss most is just having that person. It’s an honest feeling in an honest state. I rather stay single and be lonely from time to time than settle for she’s not there for you though. Days are lonely, nights are lonely, Saturdays are lonely, weekends are lonely; so is death.

So I rather not complain…

I’ll try my best to sit back and let life takes it course. This love, relationship, single, or dating life isn’t the easiest nor is it tlove-life2he most complicated. It’s one of those things were you really just have to let the turns and curves come. The pitfalls will happen, the lonely days will ensue; it’s all apart of the facts of life. Happy couples, were once single and partially lonely too, so there’s hope, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Walk, run, or crawl til you get to the end of it…


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