photo 1As she laid there, via Skype; with her pierced nipples exposed, we conducted this interview. We’ll leave the rest of what happen up to the imagination… 

How old were you when you first masturbated? 12 or 13. I just happen to, it without even trying. How so? Back then I would do little movements and tease across my clit. Small sensations, I didn’t think they were bad or good but just something I did. So the more I moved the more it felt better. And then I became hooked

So when did you fully know it was masturbation? After going through Sex Ed. and having conversations with peers I realized that I kind of did masturbate.

How did it make you feel when you first masturbated? When I first masturbated it was funny. It felt good. But I didn’t start to climax till I got a lot older What was funny about it? Because it was something new and a 

bit awkward for me . A bit creepish!

How does masturbating make you feel now? It feels so good now. Sometimes masturbating feels better than. Especially with toys. It’s just a must needed release. Better than? Better than sex!

Why do you masturbate now is it out of want, need, or straight nympho? I want to cum. I love making my self cum! The feeling is so great. And some days I do it jus because Because what? Just because I wanted to at the moment.

photo 2

What do you think about when you masturbate? Previous partners, fantasies, really freaky stuff. Detail the freaky stuff. Like this older guy I use to date. I think about the things we did. How he kissed certain spots, and slowly brush his hands around my waist. Staring at me saying I was beautiful. He would pick me and carry me to his bedroom and have his way with me. Just good sex.

Do you use any stimulation? Videos? Magazines? Pictures? Yes, when it’s hard to focus I watch pornhub Why would it be hard to focus? I don’t know. Sometimes I will do it then think about something or my phone rings and that kills the mood.

Do you use a dildo, vibrator, or just fingers? Vibrator and only fingers when I’m doing it in front of somebody. How do the two feel? The vibrator is hands down the greatest INVENTION!. They are placed on the clit and it’s the best orgasm a woman can feel. Hands are cool. That’s how I got started off. Women should do both just too see what’s it like…

How often do you masturbate? Everyday, Once or multiple? It varies, some days 1 and others 3 times.

Do you reach a climax or cum from masturbation? Yes…

When you climax or cum, is it the same or equal to as when you actually have sex? It cant really be compared, when youre having sex with a man, it not like, its not clitoral sex. It’s a big difference. Which do prefer? Cumming from masturbation, I cum from regular sex, from masturbation you know your body, you know what makes you feel good. It Makes it so much better. 

Do you or would you do it during sex? Yes, I usually don’t do it, but really it doesn’t matter, if I’m doing, or he’s doing it. Its better when two people do it to each other.81972289

Do you prefer masturbation over sex? No, well I’m caught in between because masturbation its always a guarantee, but with sex its fun, its pleasure….


The last time you masturbated? Umm, like an hour ago, I used a vibrator, I don’t like a dildo, like something that does your clit, that’s good. It was amazing!

Is phone sex acceptable to you? No, umm its just not my preference, Yes I have done it before. It was very very awkward, it happened in college, I was in a long distance relationship. We would talk on the phone and have phone sex. You would have to worry about the other person cumming, staying in the same lane and you’d have to be creative. Just not really my thing!!


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