College Life; Study Session

The five of us had, just finished our Thursday afternoon classes, THE WEEKEND WAS HERE!
We figured we would get a quick bite to eat and be good girls….
Study and knock out our homework; then get ready for the weekend festivities….
Studying was damn sure done…
leaning in kissing one of my bestfriends was beyond passionate
it was long overdo. Our tongues as they softly massaged each others‘ 
sent us into bliss. Feeling her body as it moved closer to mine
the soft sounds of her moans as they hit my ear, I totally forgot about our friends across the room
my eyes were closed, but I could picture her clearly, we began moving back, to lay down, 
me on top, in between her legs, I felt her as she was getting aroused, only from my kisses.
Looking over, Lauren, Trina, and Stacey; were involved in their own little session…
Trina and Stacey; had taken their turns undressing me. It felt good, I was a little tickled, but not nervous
my body was anticipating their next touch, I was open when Trina starting caressing and licking my nipple.
Stacey joined in, I couldn’t hold it…. I moaned.
Her nipple was hard, but soft in my mouth. As my tongue flicked back and forth, I grabbed her hair
I wanted to take my time with Lauren, I’ve always been attracted to her. So I kissed her lips, licked her neck, nibbled her tits…
I’ve always dreamed of tasting her and sucking her juices
Her body quivered under us, with each sucked she rocked, with each tongue flicked she moaned; it made me wet
Soon we were all naked looking at each other, We wanted to trace each others’ body with our tongues.
I kissed Lauren’s pussy, Lauren licked Trina’s pussy, Trina sucked Stacey’s pussy, Stacey nibbled Patrece’s pussy, and Patrece feasted on my pussy!
Naughty Study Session Part 2, COMING SOON!!!

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