Side Chicks & Valentine’s Day

Let’s talk about this…

Do you get the SIDE CHICK(S) anything for Valentine’s Day?

Let’s go it a step further, do you do anything with them for Valentine’s Day?

So, let’s get into this, after several responses from Instagram followers (feel free to go and comment), it is clear. SIDE CHICKS GET NO VALENTINE’S DAY LOVE. But why though is the question, why don’t they get any love, why don’t they deserve gift and to get taken out?

Me personally I never did it neither, I can’t really say why. I suppose that sense we weren’t together I wasn’t about to go above and beyond for her or them. Most side chicks are only getting dick, so what do I know about their interest, their likes and dislikes. You kind of are setting yourself up for failure. You can’t go the cheap route, one of those $ .99 store boxes of chocolate and big ass bear. You look like a SUCKA for even spending the $10 on that shit, though she will probably like it. Taking her out in public is DEFINITELY A NO NO! If you didn’t want her hitting you up on a regular basis before believe the moment you set foot in Applebees with her that rules/standard/hope is going straight out the window. So what have we summed up, SIDE CHICKS GET NO LOVE.

Some of the best Instagram responses

“does dick count? If not then no”

U don’t make her feel any kind of special she lucky she getting dick!”

Nah bro that’s how theses termites catch feelings”

“Side Chicks don’t celebrate holidays #NoLove”

“*drops the Faith Evans track* You gets no loveeeee from me”


One thought on “Side Chicks & Valentine’s Day

  1. This is some extreme honesty, I was a side chick before for like two years. Not only did I not get an abundance of gifts on Valentines Day but one of those Valentines Days we spent the whole day together and idk what he told his girlfriend.

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