No MuthaFucker, Y’all CAN’T Talk


I want to start this out by apologizing to all the women, that I continued to try and talk to even after they said they have a man. I am sorry. 

Let’s be real clear, this is for all the dudes and females, that don’t respect the curve. I must say that at one point or another I was guilty of this. No y’all can’t talk, what for, are y’all related, have mutual friends, do you know their significant other. The answers no, REALLY? I wonder why. 

People have to learn to respect the simply “I have a man or I have a girl” curve, when it’s said, it’s not said to be rude or to demean someone. It’s said because that’s the truth, that’s the case; they have someone nothing else needs to be expressed. Why continue on with the conversation…those lines like….”What ya man gotta do with me, or but ya girl not here, or we still can be friends.” ALL THAT HAS GOT TO CHILL.

man-saying-noYes, there’s a big red and yellow flag on the play. I’ll simply leave it like this with that old saying. How you get em is how you lose em.


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