Phenomenal Woman: Liandra

photo 1

I first met Liandra her freshmen year of college, she was young and reserved, but she was always interesting and cool. Over the years, I’ve been able to witness her growth and been lucky to be around as she has more and more come into her own. This Phenomenal Woman series was started to highlight those women that are doing their thing, becoming Her, living Her, and proud of Herself. Liandra is a beautiful soul, with an intelligent mind, a great style and many years of greatness ahead of her, she is a Phenomenal Woman now, will be tomorrow, and for a lifetime.

What is your definition of a phenomenal woman?

My definition of a phenomenal woman is one who posses beauty (inner and outer), strength, intelligence and maturity.  A woman who has so much to give to the world while remaining true to her and poised. A phenomenal woman is one who leaves positivity in the hearts and minds of others. 

Who would you say are phenomenal women of the past?

One phenomenal woman of the past is Phylicia Rashad, I haven’t been able to connect with other phenomenal women of the past as I did with her, although I am well aware of all those out there.

Who are your role models?

Besides the women in my family, and Kelly Rowland of course, my role models are the young women in my life.  The young women I call friends are filled with so much aspirations for their future, they are filled with so much strength and they aren’t afraid of failing. These young women inspire me everyday.

What do you think makes you a phenomenal woman?

My ability to recognize my mistakes and learn from them, I am a phenomenal woman because despite adversity I still work hard to overcome and lastly I am phenomenal woman because I have a genuine heart that is always willing to support and praise young women like myself who are trying to achieve their goals.

If you were to write a letter to your future daughter, what would be three important pieces of advice you would give her?


Some important pieces of advice I would give to my daughter are; be yourself, don’t let anyone tell you who you are is wrong; the tough times are only temporary and necessary; be humble, help others; don’t judge, try to understand.

What are three mistakes you made in life, but have learned from that have made you into a better woman today?

Tuhh, I have made many mistakes in my life but the biggest mistake I am still in the process of learning from is putting others before myself. I haven’t yet realized how much putting others before myself is draining and unhealthy. 

You have dreams, where would you say that you are in completely those dreams?

I am still at the starting line of my dreams. 

Finally – Back to letters, if you were going to write one to your younger self, what would it say and why?

The letter to my younger self would be more of a series of questions. A series of questions because my younger self endured a lot of self-esteem demolition from others which turned into self-hatred. 


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