Phenomenal Woman: Tatum

I introduce you to Tatum; a passionate and hard-working woman that is making an impact. It’s strange how flowers do grow in dark rooms, it’s strange that roots grow in dirt, that plants can rise through the cracks. Phenomenal women, are flowers, roots, and plants; they grow through the unimaginable. Tatum has grown from a co-worker, to the weekend party friend to being like a big sister, I give you Tatum, a phenomenal woman. A phenomenal woman, making leaps and bounds to be better herself but everyone around her. 

What is your definition of a phenomenal woman?

To me a phenomenal woman is a woman who lives by her truth. Whatever her truth is, live it, breathe it, be it, embrace it and do it well. Also a woman of greatness and simply amazing!

Who would you say are phenomenal women of the past?


My grandmother, Eartha Kitt, Madam C.J. Walker (Sarah Breedlove) and Patti Webster

 Who are your role models?

First Lady Michelle Obama and Sean P. Diddy Combs, I admire a host of other men and woman but these are my top two. 

 What do you think makes you a phenomenal woman?

I live my truth. I live to encourage and empower others. I wear many hats and handle all my responsibilities well. I embrace my accomplishments with humility and I’m confident enough to know I can accomplish all I set out to do.

 If you were to write a letter to your future daughter, what would be three important pieces of advice you would give her?

Incorporate God in everything you do, love you before loving someone else and dream big then put action to that dream!  Three is definitely not enough lol

 What are three mistakes you made in life, but have learned from that have made you into a better woman today?

I only have two. First, not putting myself first and second, moving out of my mothers’ house before finishing college.

I’ve learned that putting others ahead of me is good sometimes but not all the time, because if I’m not ok first I can’t be any good to anything or anyone else ultimately.

Moving out at a young age taught me responsibility. I’m one the most responsible people I know. Not just in finances but in life period!

You have dreams, where would you say that you are in completely those dreams?

I have accomplished some dreams, but I’m just getting started on a few, which I will accomplish…..just watch!

Finally – Back to letters, if you were going to write one to your younger self, what would it say and why?

photo 1-1

You are beautiful and talented. Talent is God given and you can utilize your talents to become whatever your heart desires. Just because your dreams are unacknowledged by the ones who matter don’t let them go, one day your dreams will come true and you will be successful. Dream and just do it!

I had very low self-esteem growing up and had no one to ensure me I was beautiful. In my younger years confirmation from others mattered to me. I had dreams of becoming a business owner and working within the entertainment industry somehow. All I knew is that I wanted to be a boss dealing with children and entertainment somehow. I must say I’m proud that I’m working hard to make my dreams a reality.


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