#JuneWritingChallenge – Day 3 – Jhene Aiko

Resilience, determination, perseverance – wondering how this relates to music?

It does when it comes to one particular artist. Jhene Aiko; I first heard about Jhene, back in high school circa 2003/2004. Back then all I really knew was that she was somehow related to one of the guys in B2K and was a singer trying to break into the game. Later we found out that the B2K relation was just a way to create some industry buzz for her, but it wasn’t really success as we can now see. Fast forward 10 years later and well she’s just now breaking into the game. Even though over that ten years she’s been getting a small buzz here and a small buzz there. It was never enough to put her over the top how one wants to be in the industry. But as her true fans can tell you she kept ticking away. She kept going; making music and moves to put her in a place for takeoff.

I wanted to take this time to point her out. For her story to serve as a lesson and guide to young artist; but more importantly young girls that through hard work and keeping your eye on the prize that you can make it. By most measurements Jhene is a beautiful and attractive woman; but that alone didn’t get her known. That she needed to be more than just a pretty face in the crowd. By a different set of measurements Jhene still has a long ways to go, but she’s going, she’s doing it; if Jhene can keep to what got her to this point; I can’t see why she won’t go far. This is a powerful lesson in an age where Facebook and Instagram selfies depending on the amount of clothes one has on, can get more likes than a photo of a Diploma. Seeing now that it does take hard work and determination; having a goal with a plan is what gets you where you want to go. Doing it for the vine is fun sometimes….but what else is being bought to the table….what else are you doing to make it happen?



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