#JuneWritingChallenge – Day 5 – Love & Sex

I wanted to use Joe’s recently released Love & Sex Pt. 2 featuring Kelly Rowland. I will just add that Kelly Rowland is a beautiful woman!.

While they don’t say it in theses exact words; there’s a big difference between making love and having sex. Can you have both in a relationship, Yes!. You most certainly can, but what is or are they exactly? Let’s look at the words of the song, “the hardest part of it all is telling the difference between the two.”

Sex – is more individualistic and way more physical. It’s kinda like a race; which one of us can and will get to the finish line first. Which of us can cause the other to tap out first while still achieving optimal pleasure. From time to time there is nothing wrong with this in a relationship. But this on a regular basis where there is no love and worse no relationship, gets tiring. It gets harder and harder with each person, because more and more of you is given in a different way; soon enough you’re spent. We are human beings with natural attractions and desires; quick, rough, fast, hard, lustily sex is all part of that. But there’s also another side to it.

Love – is a dual and more emotional passionate interaction. Two monkeys, dogs, bears or fish can have sex, but not all them can have love. Love making has no finish line, it has no reward other than the satisfaction your partner will receive. Love’s endpoint is so mutual that it’s exhaustion. Neither person wants to bring an end to their lovers passion and pleasure. Love isn’t superficial; it goes deeper than me just orgasming to you orgasming. Making love to your love doesn’t get tiring, there’s exhaustion but not getting tired and there is a difference. Exhaustion is we want to keep going but can’t, tired is I don’t even want to try. Loving making isn’t draining because your partner replenishes your strength. Love can be so deep and great that there isn’t even an orgasm it’s dual enjoyment.


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