Broken: A Story of Pieces

We have to stop giving pieces of ourselves before they are earned or warranted. By pieces I mean intimate sides of our life, the sides of us that help or assist with forming love. Ladies make a man earn those pieces and be patient in your giving. If as a man he cannot respect those standards then maybe he is just not right for you.


Men understand that we cannot buy or gift our way to intimacy. Be patient in the giving of those pieces, but when the moment does come, give in abundance. We all have to understand the delicate balance of love and relationships; the balance of patience and the want for something more, the want for intimacy. Intimacy is spiritual, our use of words that helps draw attraction; intimacy, is physical our use of our bodies to confirm and show attraction.

heart-puzzleAs a woman you have to know that every situation isn’t right or best for you, that once you have come to that difficult truth, you have to move yourself forward. That not every man you meet will gain your heart and that’s okay; that his reason maybe only be for a season.

As a man, I have to be sincere in my dedication; that I can be strong for the both us but have to allow you to be strong for self first. It’s important that as I allow you to give yourself to me; I take with care, admiration, and consideration. That I do not take more than what you can give or more than what will also build you up.

If we do not do theses things we are only fragmenting ourselves, creating pieces. We try to gather those pieces after it’s all said and done, moving along from one relationship to another. But what we must ask ourselves, are we ever complete? Can we say that we aren’t broken, a story of pieces? When we reach that point, how do we continue…?


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