Normally we don’t feature unsigned artist on here, primarily because there’s just so much out there and it’s easy to be inundated with it all and let’s also be honest most of it is trash….but there’s always a DIAMOND in the rough. Usher in Kadeem King aka DEEMY aka Rebelleadhah aka #artisttowatch aka #artistonthecomeup; for a while I’ve watched in the background as the craft has been practiced, improved and the buzz increased. It’s been long overdue for this feature, but it’s here now…check out new and even old music by this wordsmith….ONLY REAL MUSIC IS GONNA LAST

This track is worth the listen, the beat is soft, melodic, but comes on strong as a head bopper. The messages on the track is one we can all relate to. Whether you have the struggle story or not; we all have the moments or days where we want better days. For many growing up in the mean streets the want for better days comes from the struggle….having grandma’s advice and daddy’s guidance, hopefully leads us down that right path. But the confusion of the streets leads us to hope for better days. Check out the video below.

Better Days

Directed by Tito Grahmz & Ishell Vaughan

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