Phenomenal Woman: Nicolette

I present to you today, Nicollette Francis, this feature in the phenomenal woman piece is long overdue. I would like to sincerely thank Nicollette for her participation in this interview series. I first met Nicollette in her freshmen year in College and have known her since. She has shown herself to be beautiful, smart, and a wonderful person to know. This will be the last feature of the original Phenomenal Woman series as the next one will be revamped, greater depth and new phenomenal women, but I give to you Nicollette Francis, a PHENOMENAL WOMAN!!!

What is your definition of a phenomenal woman?

Well phenomenal means to be extraordinary or remarkable. So in my opinion, a phenomenal woman is a woman of grace, a woman of noteworthy character, and a woman of fortitude. 

Who would you say are phenomenal women of the past?

It’s hard to name phenomenal women of the past because there are so many. When people think of phenomenal women they automatically think of famous figures. In my opinion, I believe any woman that has done something beneficial to others, whether it’s fighting against injustices to being a great mother, grandmother, wife etc., those are the phenomenal women of the past.

Who are your role models?

I’d say my role model is my mother. She is my strength and she is someone I aspire to become. She has taught me how to be driven, and I thank her for who I am today. The more I grow internally and externally, I find that I am becoming an image of her. I’m proud to say I am her flesh, and she is my phenomenal woman.

What do you think makes you a phenomenal woman?

I think thus far in my lifetime I am a phenomenal woman because of two main reasons: the first being I have accomplished so many things that not many have been given the opportunity of doing which makes me forever grateful, and secondly, because of my accomplishments I have inspired and set stepping stones for my little sister to persevere and become a strong phenomenal woman herself.

If you were to write a letter to your future daughter, what would be three important pieces of advice you would give her?

Three important pieces I’d give to my future child would be aspire to make a difference, aspire to stand out, and aspire to persevere. Aspire to make a difference because change is what alters our future; if one can make their future beneficial, life suddenly becomes worthwhile. Aspire to stand out because opportunities are given every day; when you work hard you shine brighter than the rest. Aspire to persevere because quitting isn’t an option .

What are three mistakes you made in life, but have learned from that have made you into a better woman today?

It’s hard to sit and think of mistakes that I’ve made because I’ve made plenty. Mistakes are merely reminders to ourselves that life isn’t perfect and we should live with no regrets. I will say that they have all helped me to become stronger, more determined, more open minded to life itself, and have taught me to laugh at myself. If we do not learn to laugh at ourselves, we cannot grow maturely and intellectually.

You have dreams, where would you say that you are in completely those dreams?

My dreams overall are to become successful and enjoy what life has to offer. I haven’t fully reached my dreams’ full potential but I‘d say my journey is in motion. Every day I continue to climb a ladder, and although I haven’t reached the top as of yet, I’ll make it there.

Finally – Back to letters, if you were going to write one to your younger self, what would it say and why?

If I were to write a letter to my younger self I’d first say, never give in to fashion trends they die out quickly LOL, and second, believe everything your mother has to say. She is your best friend and does in fact know it all. Though you may not like or agree, everything she says is the truth.




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