Good Sex Is

Good Sex is

Good sex isn’t just loud screams and moans.

No, good sex is…

Sometimes quiet because the words and sounds can’t escape over the amazing feeling

Good sex is the scratches on my back from the passion you endure,6086193

The hand clinching pleasure that doesn’t allow you to move them

God sex is the stutter of yes!!!!

because there are a million thoughts running through your mind,

along with my dick passing through the walls of ya vagina

Good sex isn’t a stroke count

Good sex is…

Good sex is nice work in round 1,

cuddle up after to debrief, kiss and have you near. Black_Couple_In_Bed

To somehow end up deep in you starting off rounds, 2, 3, 4…

Good sex is

It’s so good, my toes curl and WE can’t move

Good sex is you feel it in ya legs later in the day

Good sex is on Monday morning, the thought still makes you wet

Good sex is….


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