The Kickback II

What is an educated turn up – The Kickback pt. 2

This event was brought to us by Natalege and

But don’t think this is some snootie event where young intellectuals discuss the theory of relativity and Newton’s Law, far from it. This is a gathering of the enlightened, though. It’s the sharing of thoughts, the establishment of connections, the sparking of new friendships; it can be whatever you need it to be. But an unnecessary event, it is not!

We started off the appropriation of hip hop culture and the whole Iggy Azalea controversy. The discussion went from disapproval to support to a sermon being preached that shut the debate down. No matter what side of the argument you fell on you received perspective, that’s really the goal to receive perspective that you might not have otherwise. 

Up next was a frank conversation on the reality of police brutality, the protest and where do we go from here; this was a necessary question and the following conversation was imperative. There was no shortage of opinion and points to be made; some fell on the side of having gone out and protested, other like myself decided not too. The conversation didn’t solely fall along racial or ethnic lines neither; it was based more on the principle that we are all human individuals and deserve the same equal respect. In this room of the enlightened there was brilliance in each argument, there was passion and there was a story to be told. 

Last topic/question, but definitely wasn’t the end of the conversation was; do you make your intentions known upfront when starting something new with someone? The points were made, that as adults and so that things don’t get complicated and messy shortly down the road you should MAKE IT KNOWN! But that particular discussion kinda sorta ended there…because the conversation went from that to talking about how we get down with our fuck buddies. It started off with something like “and DON’T BE SENDING THEM GOOD MORNING TEXT MESSAGES!!,” this sparked off a chain reaction and everyone had a chime in here, there, and everywhere! I just want a “come over to fuck” text, which lead to the breakdown of a “what you doing/wyd” message to and finally the calculation of a properly timed “let’s fuck.” Because first thing in the morning, says too much or does it? There’s a follow up piece coming about those “good morning text. The conversation about the proper timing of the let’s fuck and good morning text carried on long after the large group convo ended. 

As stated before this is a gathering of the enlightened. The minds left not only with food for thought, but with a hunger for more. The hunger is we can’t wait for the next Kickback. No, you can’t sit with us! No matter your position on any of the topics, never be afraid to share your differences or hide in the shadows of yourself. We want to hear your thoughts. Because it’s like Nate said, it’s not solely about you, but the mind/person you spark that takes interest.

Thanks to for a powerful, necessary, and wonderful event, we all look forward to all that’s to come.

“The pen is mightier than the sword”


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