Sorry 2015; Thank You 2015

I don’t ever recalling a time where I purposely set out to start a relationship with the intent of hurting her. But along the way somehow I did, somehow she was hurt, somehow we in the end do hurt them. heart-puzzle

So to all the women I have ever hurt, all I can do is let you know that I sincerely apologize for my wrong, for the pain that I caused. I apologize for the big and small hurt, that I caused. To let you know that I learned from each situation. And no it’s not solace, but I’m a better person today for that. I’m a better man and I can only thank you for that. 

Love is a tricky high wire that many of us fall from multiple times, as we try to cross it. I’ve fallen many times before, it’s just my hope now that I can cross it successfully. I’m at a place now of ultimate comfort…where I have to relinquish the pressure of my past and relish in the lessons learned and the future ahead. 

Love is a tricky high wire that I’m slowly making my way across…



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