Them Damn “Good Morning” Text

Good Morning….What it is and what it isn’t


Honest opinion what it is: an affirmation that you actually exist in my mind. What it isn’t: me confessing some long seeded feelings or love for you.

This piece was inspired from a topic brought up at “The Kickback II”, on fuck buddies and no need for good morning text. Well I want to come and try to lay down some actual truth. 

Ladies: if we’ve already talked and discussed the situation and its going to be a Friends With Benefits (FWB) situation; PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don’t read more into a good morning text than just that. I’d like to bet and say even if that good morning text came at 11:59am, to you it would still hold the same weight and significance. The same weight and significance if it were sent at 6, 7, 8, or 9am. It’s not the fact that it says good morning that had you excited, the fact that he texted you is and was enough. When we reach adulthood in our sex life you have to start being completely honest with everything. From I think you’re a really attractive man with good qualities and I too get horny, but no I don’t want to be FWB’s. To the we’ve been FWB’s for a while and my feelings have grown and I’ve become attached. (SIDENOTE, IT’S NOT ADVISED TO TAKE A FWB SITUATION TO A RELATIONSHIP….IT’S VERY UNLIKELY YOU TWO HAVE MUCH IN COMMON, BUT MORE HAVE BECOME COMFORTABLE WITH AND AROUND EACH OTHER.) Hiding the truth of either of those statements leads to the messiness down the line. It leads to you receiving a good morning text at 11:59am and thinking this man wants you for something more, than him just extending a simple greeting. Hiding leads to an erosion of the situation and the honesty of the original bond/agreement established. (Yes, you kind of have to treat this like a court argued negotiation) Lastly, there’s nothing wrong with the fact that over time with continued sexual contact with him that your feelings grow. But you have to make sure that those feelings aren’t just from the dick he puts down and that you aren’t solely acting on those feelings. Sometimes you have to revisit the terms of the FWBs contract and make sure they still benefit you.


Fellas: if you have already established the situationship as such, don’t be the one sending messages such as “good morning, how’s your day going? I was thinking about you, I miss you, let’s grab dinner.” None of that. Your let’s fuck or do it tonight conversation should never look like this.

Guy: Good Morning Beautiful (insert smiley emoji)you failed by adding the emoji

Her: Good Morning (insert blushing, heart eyes, and kiss emoji)

Guy: Did you sleep well, I was thinking about you last night – you just shot yourself!

Guy: I want to see you

Her: Aww that’s sweet, I miss you

Her: I want to see you too

Guy: I miss you too – you should just throw your phone…point of nooooooooo return

Guy: Cool, I’ll come thru later

Her: I can’t wait (insert blushing emojis)

Guy: So I’ll see you tonight, have a good day beautiful.


A guy texting his FWB like this is the equivalent to the dudes who fake stunt, all iced out, popping bottles and all that jazz. Yes, it’s the same as those dudes who fake stunt. Don’t be the guy texting “good morning” followed by anything like lets go out tonight, lets get dinner or drinks. None of it, it should be good morning what you doing tonight, oh nothing, cool come over tonight, her saying sure/ok…aight see you later. She already knows the deal or situationship you two have set up. Simple. The reason she probably thinks there’s more is because you’re trying to see her more and as more and you’re having conversations beyond that. You did it yourself and as the man you can’t, unless you’re really trying to make more out of it and if you are, then say that. 

Both individuals involved need to understand that it’s the responsibility of both to check one another. To hold each other accountable for maintaining the terms of the agreement, unless otherwise discussed. Which would also mean there’s a new agreement in place. 

Ladies stop taking that good morning text and thinking it means more. I say good morning to coworkers don’t mean I’m fuckin or even want them, it’s called having manners, being polite, nice even.

Fellas stop sending more than “good morning” if all you’re trying to do is hit it for the night. I only engage in depth with women I’m trying to build a relationship with.

That “Good Morning Text” What it is and what it isn’t



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