Line Sisters

Stacey and Monique were two of the finest and most sophisticated woman who walked the Hillman Campus. Stacey a Junior studying criminal justice, had a 3.6 GPA and the President of the Black Student Union. Being attractive for Stacey was no hard task, originally from Miami, she was used to the attention from many men. Being of a smooth chocolate complexion, standing at 5’7″, having natural hair, and an athletic body structure there was no question could she have a man if she wanted.

Monique, was a little different than Stacey, not that she wasn’t attractive. Monique was the quiet shy type; what sat behind those glasses was a Senior psychology major; holding down a 4.0 GPA. Monique too stood at 5’7″, natural hair, glasses, and thick. Monique was used to the attention of the men on campus, but she really cared more about her academic than anything else.

What would bring theses two ladies together would be a love of art and the creative expression that went into it. While out separately on a Saturday afternoon; they happen to bump into each other at a local museum. It was the first weekend of a new exhibit that featured young African-American artist. They quickly recognized each other while admiring the work of a fellow Hillman student.

Stacey started the conversation…

Don’t you go to Hillman, I know I’ve seen you around campus and even in a class or two. 

Yes, I’ve seen you too, I’m Monique…It’s nice to finally speak with you she added. 

My name is Stacey, it is nice isn’t it… I come here often, I’m surprised I haven’t seen you in here before. It’s a really great exhibit, I find myself liking everything! 

Monique responded. Me too, I seen some of the other work from several of the artist. Wish there was much more to see, I could spend hours here viewing.

Stacey was a very out-going personality and never skipped out on an opportunity for a good conversation especially all things culture, art, music and most important food! Just as Monique was turning to say bye and exit, Stacey asked. Do you have plans to do anything after?

It was a pretty warm and sunny day out. Monique replied No, probably just head back to my room. 

Stacey seized the opportunity, let’s grab a late lunch then, we can discuss the art and you can tell me more about yourself. 

Monique, even being shy couldn’t resist the offer….they headed to a local cafe blocks away from the museum and minutes away from Campus. 

The two ladies would spend the next 3 1/2 hours in the cafe, drinking wine, eating, and truly getting to know each other. They both left out one big secret between them. 

As they headed back to campus, Monique thought to herself it would be a shame to end the night so early. 

“Do you have any plans for the rest of the night?” She asked Stacey. 


Want to come back to my room, I have more wine? 

Sure! I’m always up for wine and chit chat…

They both laughed as they walked onto campus and back to Monique’s room. Being a Senior and a straight A student, Monique had earned her own suite style room on campus. When they walked in Stacey was intrigued by the decor and set up of the suite. It smelled of buttermilk honey, it was clean and had different paintings on the walls and around the suite. 

Welcome! Have a seat, get comfortable I’ll grab the wine. Stacey felt really comfortable and was enjoying herself. After another glass of wine and continuous laughter; the two girls realized that they had lots in common and were mad that they had not met sooner. 

But there was still a BIG secret between them. 

Soon they were talking about all the guys on campus who were trying to get with them. It sparked more laughter between them. They shared stories of the lines and funny things guys had done to get their attention. 

With no hesitation, Stacey leans in and kisses Monique. Caught completely off guard, Monique didn’t know how to exactly respond. But she didn’t resist, she embraced the lips of Stacey. 


I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, I’m going to go, Stacey let out as she pulled back and began to gather her stuff. 

No! You don’t have to go, stay! Monique let her know that it was okay, going over to even grab Stacey’s hand. 

She turned and lead her to her bedroom and close the door behind them……

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