Line Sisters Sequel

Line Sisters – Part 1

Over the next couple of weeks Monique and Stacey spent a lot more time together. They kept their new “friendship” much of a secret, simple exchanges; hand waves when they saw each other on campus.


But after class Stacey found most of her nights were spent in the room with Monique; wrapped in each other’s embrace. Monique slowly began to experience more on campus, going to a handful of events without prompt. Stacey accepted Monique’s shyness, she saw it as sweet and charming, but welcomed her new outgoing attitude.

For Stacey, she felt a happiness never thought about before. She was more energetic and even felt more ambitious. She approached each new day with vigor and enthusiasm. When she saw Monique on campus she would wave and smile, but would keep it moving, inside she would be wet, hot and horny.

Neither of them talked about their little secret to each other. Never really discussing what it was they were doing. It was simply something they both just went with the flow on.

They both still had a much bigger secret between them, little did the other know.

It was a Wednesday night, all the homework and assignments completed. Stacey had just got out the shower and Monique was putting up the food. Monique walked up to Stacey, snatched the towel off Stacey’s wet body, water flew off her in the process, then with a wide hand smacked Stacey’s ass. Stacey’s ass jiggled and Monique giggled!

When she turned around still in shock, Monique pressed up against, grabbing her ass and kissed her deep.

This new “friendship” had brought out Monique’s inner self. She was embracing it.


For Stacey it made her happier. Not only did she have someone that was reserve for the moments when she needed calm and chill. But someone that was coming in to their own outgoing and social self.

The two of them inched towards the bed, once the kissing started it was hard for either to stop. They enjoyed this time with each other. Monique would take her time exploring Stacey, like it was the first night all over again. Hard passion-filled licks on Stacey neck, the release of pleasure would cause her to slightly lift and arch. Monique would softly tickle Stacey inner thigh, her wetness from the shower only intensified the rush.

“Baby! I’m I’m I’m Cu Cum Mmm Cummin!”

That wouldn’t be the end, Monique was just getting into the full swing. Placing both hands on Stacey’s wet and sensitive nipples. She gently tugged as she inched her way down Stacey’s stomach. Stacey could only resort to lip biting and tap outs to the sheets. Wet, wouldn’t easily describe her pussy and its own emotions. She wanted to feel Monique within her walls. She wanted to feel their connection below the surface; that the pleasure was also physical. Her pussy throbbed!

Monique teased

With the tip of her tongue she previewed. Not because she was scared, but she knew Stacey’s body was calling. It reminded her the first time she had sex; waiting with anticipation for a deep penetration. Her body felt small quivers, that first touch was a shock but of pleasure. She knew that for Stacey it was the same sort anticipation and shock. Just as Monique began to relieve that anticipation and apply the full shock of pleasure.

There were three hard knocks on the otter down.

At first they began to ignore it. Then

Three more hard knocks.

They each jumped up, each secretly knowing what the knocks meant. But not revealing to the other.

To be continued. . .

Line Sisters            Line Sisters: Special Edition           Line Sister: The Trilogy



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