Line Sisters – Special Edition

One weekend one of Stacey’s best friends came to visit her at Hillman. It had been something they each did often since their freshmen year. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t talk to her best friend in a while, Ayanna knew of one secret, but nothing about Monique. Stacey thought it best that the news be delivered in person, this way she could also meet Monique. When Ayanna arrived on campus it was all hugs, laughs, and more eyes on them both.

See Ayanna was an attractive women herself, about 5’4″, honey brown skin tone, short cut hair and features that fit her frame to a tee. Many of the freshmen boys were looking hard as the two hugged and smiled at each other in the resident hall parking lot. 

Stacey said to her, there’s a lot to get done and must happen this weekend while you’re here. I’m so excited to see you. 

Let’s get to it then, what’s up first. 

Okay we’re going to put your stuff upstairs and then head across campus. 

20 mins later they were heading across campus to the suite side and entering Monique’s building. Up until this point Stacey made no mention of where they were going or why. 

As Monique opens the door she greets Stacey with a big hug and a small, quick ass grab and Ayanna with a huge smile, as she invites them in. 

Come on in….In that moment, Monique realizes how attractive Ayanna really is in person. c6ab49e7c580750887a3a190f33f306b

Monique I would like you to meet one of my oldest and best friends, Ayanna, Stacey stated.

It’s nice to meet you Ayanna, Stacey has told me so much about you, leading up to you visiting. Welcome to my place! Have a seat, would you like anything to drink?

Well it’s nice to meet you too Monique, I’m feeling the vibe of your place…looks great! I see you really into art, Stacey is too. I can see why you two are friends


So are we about to start pre-gaming cause I can definitely go for a drink and a great night, Ayanna exclaimed. 

KINDA SORTA KIN-DA….both Monique and Stacey said at the same time. 

So I wanted us all to chill tonight, drink, talk and laugh as much as we can, just enjoy ourselves

Oh just tell her Stacey!

Tell me what? Ayanna ask. Girl you pregnant? I know you’re not getting married. Wait! Are you? What is it? Ayanna said half smiling

Stacey looked at Monique and gently kissed her lips, in the few seconds it lasted there was deep passion exchanged 

Ayanna wasn’t too shocked…a little secret between theses two friends is they taught each other how to kiss amongst other things years ago 

She walked over and joined them, they all stood there enjoying the lips of each other, hands caressing necks and cheeks, and tongues massaging

Soon enough, they were down on the floor, clothes scattered and still locked into a three way kissing exchange.

Looking into Monique’s eyes Ayanna began licking down her chest and pulling at her nipples. Monique moaned in excitement.

She pulled her girlfriend Stacey closer and their lips locked together tighter.

Ayanna was playing deep in Monique’s walls, her tongue flicked on her clit sending her into ecstasy. 

Monique’s hands were once again exploring Stacey brown skin, over the curve of her ass and through the thickness of her thighs. Soon Stacey was sitting straight up on Monique’s face. Flowing with the motion of the tongue beneath her. Moans were being released and orgasm being achieved. Stacey smacked Ayanna ass, it jiggled!

She watch as Ayanna, licked up and tasted in abundance Monique’s juices as she had plenty of times before.

Suddenly they STOPPED. 

Stacey got up and told Ayanna to have a sit on the couch and open up!

Stacey crawled between Ayanna legs and began to tease her, she tickled her thighs with her lips. Monique climbed on top of Ayanna with her head in between her legs and her pussy on Ayanna’s lips. Stacey savored Ayanna’s sweet fruit.

Monique and Stacey would kiss each other then kiss Ayanna, she would flow and they would lick and lick and LICK!

The climax continued to build!

Stacey was the first to tap out, she climbed on top of Ayanna and they kissed and caressed. Monique took full advantage; allowing her tongue to trade places between Ayanna and Stacey’s walls. Their juices flowed and her taste buds rose. Stacey rolled off and watched as the two finished each other off. 

They sat up and let their hands be placed deep. Massaging each other clits, their heads fell back, Monique bit down on her bottom lip, Ayanna squeezed her nipples and together they laid back as they felt the orgasm travel through them.

They would spend the rest of the night there naked in the living room, wrapped in each others’ arm

……Ayanna looked them and said “So I enjoyed myself!” They all laughed

Line Sisters                   Line Sisters: Sequel                     Line Sister: The Trilogy



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