Line Sisters – The Trilogy

To Read Line Sisters, Line Sisters – Sequel, Line Sisters: Special Edition

Monique teased!

With the tip of her tongue she previewed. Not because she was scared, but she knew Stacey’s body was calling. It reminded her the first time she had sex; waiting with anticipation for a deep penetration. Her body felt small quivers, that first touch was a shock, but of pleasure. She knew that for Stacey it was the same anticipation and shock. Just as Monique began to relieve that anticipation and apply that shock of pleasure.

There were three hard knocks on the otter down.

At first they began to ignore it. Then

Three more hard knocks.

They each jumped up, each secretly knowing what the knocks meant. But not revealing to the other.

Line Sisters Trilogy


Just as Monique got to the door, three more hard knocks were applied to the door.




She opened the door to find three woman in trench coats standing at the door.

Hi, I have to get rid of some company before I can go.

The leader of the group looked disappointed, but reluctantly agreed. Seconds later, Stacey comes flying out the room with books in her hand, to somewhat prompt Monique she was leaving. When she hit the living room she paused in shock. The ladies looked at Stacey and smiled… “Great you’re here too.”

Stacey looked over to Monique.

Monique looked over to Stacey, both in a state of shock, no pleasure.

It’s time to go ladies, the three women mentioned and the leader motioned.

Neither of the two, Stacey or Monique knew what to think.4159867bc4a746f93b98afcd62fcd56e

Just minutes before they had been tongue deep in each other’s mouth. Monique had been sucking on Stacey’s nipples and caressing her clit with her mouth. Stacey thought back to the first night, when as she was down on Monique that she came and squirted in her mouth. How she made her shake, moan, say her name.

Now they both thought they were going to be Line Sisters.

XXX Sorority Incorporated

They smiled, held hands and walked out the door.


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