love & LOVE

You know one of the last scenes in Love & Basketball, were they’re playing for Q’s heart. He backs Monica down towards the basket and then slams it to win. Realizing she has just lost, Monica begins to walk away defeated.

But lets rewind a little bit first. When Monica returns from Spain, Q is engaged and all set to marry Tyra Banks character. She even goes to her mom to get advice on what she should do.


Ever been in love before and in a similar predicament. Unsure what to do, you know you love them and honestly you can’t stand, nor do you think the other person is right for them. Do you wait two weeks before their wedding to confess your love? Do you sit back and play the cut pretend to be happy for their happiness?


While their story could be our story, your story, or my story; it isn’t in a big way. Not because it was a movie; but because they both loved basketball and shared the bond. You don’t often find in a relationship where there is such a deep passionate love for things in and out the relationship. So I say to you I want to play for your heart, I tell her I want to play her for her heart, you tell him, you want to play them for their heart. But you’re standing there figuring out what game. In their game Q has a height and weight advantage so, was the match somehow uneven? Was she destined to lose regardless? What if the story was different and Monica did win, would those have been factors considered? 

As Monica walks off Q calls out to her, “best two out of 3!?!” Saying he wanted to give it another shoot. He realized that he wanted her despite everything else. The realization didn’t come from the game itself, but from the fight. We can arm wrestle, best of 7 for all it matters. It’s the fight that gets them to stay, all things being even, you still want to know they’d fight to have you. It wasn’t that Monica lost but that she was willing to put herself out there, heart on the line, and sweat on the court. Not just to say I love you but to say I want you. The fight says I want you, the want says I love you!

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