Black Love

Black Love – Let’s Talk About What It Is…some will say that black love is the formation of any two black people coming together in an intimate relationship. In reality black love is any black person finding love with someone else. Black love isn’t just about the sex or the physical, it’s the intimacy, the passion, it’s the experiences, the two share.  Why do I decide to take this definition, because I simply want to see my people flourish! photo

If anyone knows me or has been on any of my social media pages as of late, it’s without question you can tell I am in love. I am what we can say is black love. But I don’t really want to talk about my love; but black love as a whole. 
I’ve been blessed to see others experience black love over the last several months and it’s a beautiful thing. From old high school classmates that are getting engaged to planning their weddings to friends starting new relationships to my girlfriend’s bestfriend getting married, to being around their friends that are in relationships; it’s all a beautiful thing. It’s really something refreshing to be in that atmosphere amongst married couples and people that are in happy relationships just as you are. When you find yourself in this space, it’s important to be an individual and have your life outside of your relationship, but it’s just as important to have friendships and couple friends inside that relationship. 
Other couples that you both can hangout with….share experiences with….have conversations with that are relevant to the life you are living. Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Jamaica with my girlfriend, for a destination wedding, it was a very beautiful wedding. It was great seeing two people that you could tell genuinely loved each other, tie the knot and become one. The experience of being able to travel and travel abroad with Courtney and it be a vacation experience I have dreamed of was nothing short of amazing. What sealed this trip for me was that there were a number of other black couples there sharing in the experience, but moreover it was they also were displaying black love. As young black couples, we were sharing in this all together!


We have to celebrate this, every chance we get. It’s a little bit superficial but like their posts, cherish the happiness they are having, live a little bit vicariously through them. I can personally say that I am truly happy for other couples that I see flourishing in their relationships. When I see the smiles, jokes, and good times they are having it brings me back to the black love that I have. I appreciate what I have a bit more, because I am where they are and know the sentiments behind it.



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