4th Quarter – 2015

I’m not suite ready to close out the year yet. I feel like it’s the 4th quarter and we’re in a 2:00 minute drill. I still have things to accomplish.  

In the meantime, I want to spend a few moments reflecting on what 2015 has meant to me. Let’s be clear; first and foremost, nothing this year would have been possible without God’s blessing and grace, family support and friends’ encouragement. I’ve had to go out and earn every inch gained in life, but it’s mentally with each of those forces that I traversed the inches gained.

At the beginning of this year, I set out to complete several goals, it’s crazy because January 1, 2015, seems like yesterday. I can admit that not each of those goals were accomplished, but I don’t feel defeated. There was still much checked off this year and still time, honestly. I’m simply getting ready for the next drive and when the ball is snapped, I’m lowering my shoulders and waiting for the gap to open. I’m learning more with age, that life is a game of will. WHO WANTS IT MORE? You? Him? Her? Them? ME! I don’t need to win every battle, how would I learn if I did that. How would I learn to win with no losses? But at the same token I could never and will never be considered a loser, but I’m going to keep getting back up.

2016, is another game the next day. Doesn’t matter if it’s home or away, I’m not aiming to lose. Jay-Z famously said it, “put me anywhere on God’s green earth, I’ll triple my worth.” I’m not aiming to lose. The blessing has been laid upon me and with grace I seek to fulfill it. I’m Lebronin it down the middle with an open lane. I’m gearing up to hustle harder to stay in the race. 2015 is not yet over and 2016 is right around the corner…come watch me work!


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