A High Society/Theory Republic Update

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seriously contemplated going back to the old Theory Republic platform. For several reasons, but I decided for now I’m going to stick with A High Society and continue to build it up. 

I first have to apologize for a lack content and follow up. I’ll admit 2015 wasn’t my best year in terms of writing and maintaining the site. But I’m working on changing that and continuing to develop new ideas and material for consumption. I hope that you all will stick with me.

For 2016, great things are in store. There will be another Phenomenal Woman piece published and hopefully a continuation of the series. But what I’m most excited to announce is the Man vs. Woman series. This series will be on a range of topics, the first of which will be Dating Standards, Intimacy (NOT Sex) and Situationships. The goal of each topic will be to hear the thoughts and opinions of a man and woman on the different topics. I think it’s a series everyone will be able to relate and add to. Start looking for those pieces beginning in January 2016.

In close, I want to thank everyone that has stuck with the sites over the last 5 years. You realistically don’t know what it means to me that you read, comment, and enjoy what’s produced here. What started out as a feeble idea has seriously taken on a life of it own. Given and provided me with new outlets, new friends, and new perspectives. I look forward to seeing where it all goes from here. The Theory Republic brand in itself is something I won’t ever let go, in essence it was my first born and I’m forever proud of that. I do feel someday, no real timetable on it ,I will go back there and publish from it once more. But, for now I’m rededicating my efforts here and moving us forward to A High Society.


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