The Recipe: Black Love

What do you get when you put FOUR BLACK COUPLES, in their 20’s, together in a New York City bar, with 2 for 1 drinks? You get BLACK LOVE wrapped around a mature and funfilled experience. 

I must honestly say that, I left the bar and headed back to Brooklyn, traveling with my love and one other couple feeling ecstatic. Let me provide more detail and explanation on why this experience deserves a write up. SPOILER ALERT: We don’t have any pictures from the night, why? Because we were all engrossed in the conversation and the love that was between us.

Four, 20 something, BLACK Couples in LOVE

In this day and age of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and all the other social media, you may think four couples having a night out would warrant some photos, videos, or post on the gram. But that was the case of this night. There wasn’t space for us to fit that in, I feel we all walked away with mental notes of the laughs, conversations, and the love. There’s a high level of emphasis placed on the black and love here in this piece, because there should be more highlights of the moments, the experiences, and the couples.

Each of us are educated, ambitious, employed and making our own strides in this big world. The women that us men aligned ourselves with are strong, brilliant, independent, African American women. I go out on a branch and say that I believe we see them as our future wives, mother of our kids, and life partner. They hold a special key to us and the reason we all came together this wonderful evening.

Us men, are strong, intellectual, dependable, African American men. That take the hearts of these women into our hands; looking to care, provide, and be responsible for. We support their continued development and give them reasons to smile. Our dedication to them, makes others around us admire.

We each are at different stages of our relationship, one if preparing for marriage later this year, another dating for several months; but it was easy to see the love in everyone’s eyes.

In today’s world of bathroom selfies and individuals who are more concerned and simply satisfied with the norm. It’s important we have moments like this and not only have them, but share the experience with others. The recipe is simple, find someone that is going to support you, have your back through thick and thin. Find someone that will give you reasons to laugh and smile. Be with someone that will as quickly help you underdress, will as quickly help you find your clothes, when the doorbell rings. Be with someone that can be apart of a supportive network of other black couples, so that together you all experience, BLACK LOVE!cooper-blooming-love-2


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