Rising Stars

This page is dedicated to Rising Stars across several different fields and industries. Return soon for continuous updates.

Tassika Lloyd


Author, Mother, Wonder Woman

I didn’t consider myself phenomenal until I read this sentence.  That’s a heavy word and I still have so much work left to do and now that I think about it, maybe that’s what makes me phenomenal.  I am forever working to be a better person.  I feel like I research everything that empowers the mind, body and soul and I try really hard to incorporate those things into my life.  Getting knocked down and losing things and people that matter so much to me doesn’t stop me from trying to find and apply the lesson because there’s always a lesson.  That sounds more phenomenal than it feels though. – Click her name above or here, to find out more about why Tassika is a Rising Star.

Natelege Whaley


Writer, Blogger, Extraordinary Woman

She a woman who has a great understanding of who she is. She doesn’t believe in compromising what makes her unique. And she has no problem standing up for the things that will make the world a better place — whether she is a politician on Capitol Hill pushing laws that will make the lives of the citizens she is representing better or a teacher who is molding the minds of the future. A phenomenal woman knows most importantly that her power lies in her womanhood and that God gives certain gifts to women that men don’t have, which is what makes us unique and why we are needed in this world. – Click her name above or here to find out more on why she is a Rising Star.


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